First Day, Sunday, April 9-th

get link The Fun Run

Brand Name Valtrex Online 133 Over 120 people participated in the Fun Run Sunday afternoon. The route along the Danube River wrapped through the town of Devin and the nearby castle. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and many residents of Devin were out enjoying the day. The sight of 120 young people running with matching t-shirts labeld “Youth, Future, Nuclear” created quite a stir among the locals, especially when the IYNC 2000 flag was waved about.The official Fun Run winners are: Men:
First Place -Evgeny Stankovsky
Second Place -Anton Travleyev
Third Place -Alexandre Shlapakov mazorcas de maiz mercadona online Women:
First Place -Anna Saiapina
Second Place -Emmy Roos
Third Place -Alina Apyan

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Congratulations to all our winners and to all our participants! And special thanks to our Fun Run sponsor, Arcadia Consulting.

During the run, several other IYNC participants chose to visit the castle Devin. The castle was originally constructed by the Romans, and dates back to approximately 864 AD. Participants enjoyed touring the castle and surrounding ruins.

Order Viagra Online From Pfizer The Welcome Reception


The Welcome Reception was the first, non-athletic, event of the Congress and was held Sunday evening. The Mayor of Bratislava graciously allowed use of Primate’s Palace, a palatial city building in downtown Bratislava. Short welcoming speeches were provided by Stanislav Rapavy, representing the Mayor of Bratislava, and J.E. Saulnier from the Welcome Reception sponsor, COGEMA. Beautiful music performed live by a local harpist accompanied the remainder of the evening of champagne served on silver trays and buffet tables filled with scrumptious food. The Welcome Reception was the perfect opportunity to meet Congress participants and prepare for the work of the meeting.