Fifth Day, Thursday, April 13-th

Technical Tours – Bohunice And Mochovice


A few conference goers spent an extra day to experience nuclear engineering in action in Slovakia. Two groups were formed, one heading to the Bohunice Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) and Radioactive Waste Treatment Center; the other headed off to the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant and the Mochovce National Low and Intermediate Level RAW Repository.

All were pleased with the hospitality of the Slovak organizers, and were pleased to learn about operations of a Slovak NPP. I was a member of the Mochovce group. After all 25 or so of us made it through security, we were off to see how things worked at a Slovak nuclear power plant.

We were even allowed to enter the control room to observe daily plant operations. Since the trip was a full day affair, lunch was provided by each of the power plants.

Special Slovak Evening


After a long day of trips to the power plants, or, for some, a long day of sightseeing in Bratislava, conference participants were ready for another evening of food, fun, and friendship. This evening took us to a winery in Limbach, a town near Bratislava. Here we were treated to traditional Slovak fare, and we were entertained by a traditional Slovak musical group.


The wine was exquisite – we were told that most people outside of Slovakia don’t know the quality of Slovak wine because it is usually consumed before it makes it out of the country. The food was enjoyed so much that stragglers were left with only bread – no leftovers here! We filled the entire restaurant, even pouring outside into the cool night air. Much like the previous evening at the farewell dinner, those of us from IYNC danced and dined until the restaurant closed, making the final evening of IYNC very enjoyable to all.