france atoms 2013

France: Atoms for the Future 2013

Voltaren Online Apotheke Niederlande The SFEN JG (French Nuclear Society Young Generation) has been working actively to establish a strong and dynamic network. The SFEN JG has been aiming to share knowledge amongst the young professionals in the nuclear field through presentations in universities, interviews, visits and conferences. Another perspective is to share at the European and international level […]

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Kenyan Young Generation in Nuclear

Where To Buy Propecia Uk Forum Background Information The progress in nuclear energy in Kenya is now taking shape as the government has recognized its contributions to the realization of vision 2030. The 10th parliament passed the energy bill that allows inclusion of nuclear power in the energy mix among hydro, geothermal, wind and solar power that remain the current source […]
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China: Overview and Significant Developments of Nuclear Energy in China We want to thank Mr. SONG Daiyong for this great overview of Nuclear Energy in China. Current Status and Future Plan Due to the rapid economic development and increasing concerns about air quality, climate change and fossil fuel shortages, nuclear power has been looked into as an alternative to coal power in China. For many […]

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