If you have a question or suggestion, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in Sochi !

Registration, VISA or Invitation Letter Maria Evdokimova  maria.evdokimova@iync.org
Technical papers submission  Kampanart Silva  kampanart.silva@iync.org
Technical visits   Maria Zotova maria.zotova@iync.org
Public relations & Media inquiries Kelly Lin kelly.lin@iync.org
Valeria Khorishko valeria.khorishko@iync.org
Sponsorship Shakila Fernando shakila.fernando@iync.org
Conference logistics   Maria Zotova maria.zotova@iync.org

To contact the co-host organizations:

IYNC info@iync.org
Rosatom Youth Council ggkarpinsky@rosatom.ru

IYNC2022 Sochi, Russia – Executive Committee

Position Name Surname Company Country Email
General co-Chair Lena Andriolo EDF France lena.andriolo@iync.org
General co-Chair Gennady Karpinsky ROSATOM Overseas Russia gennady.karpinsky@iync.org
Local co-Chair Maria Zotova ROSATOM Russia maria.zotova@iync.org
International Communication & External Relations Chair Kelly Lin Nuclear Information Center China, Taipei kelly.lin@iync.org
International Organizations Chair Alice Cunha Da Silva Westinghouse Brasil alice.silva@iync.org
Local Communications and Publications Chair Valeria Korishko Rosatom Western Europe Russia val.khorishko@iync.org
Coporate Sponsorship Chair Shakila Fernando ANSTO Australia shakila.fernando@iync.org
Technical Program chair Ignacio Gomez Garcia Toraño CEA France ignacio.gomez@iync.org
Finance chair Andrey Polyakov Uranium One Russia andrey.polyakov@iync.org
Registration Chair Maria Evdokimova Rosatom Academy Russia maria.evdokimova@iync.org