Chairs: Laura MCMANNIMAN (IAEA, Austria) & Andre VIDAL SOARES (Penn State, USA)
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Keynote session: “You are the Core” – HYBRID
Managers: Laura McManniman (IAEA, Austria) & Andre Vidal Soares (Penn State, USA)

Within the frame of this IYNC2022 Keynote session, the human element will be put at the heart of the discussion about nuclear – whether it means amplifying personal stories of nuclear professionals or talking about the benefits of nuclear science and technologies from both the micro perspective of individuals and the macro perspective of the global sustainability agenda.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Isis LESLIE, Director at the World Nuclear University (WNU).
  • Shiro ARAI, President of Japan Atomic Industrial Forum (JAIF).

Plenary Session 1: “Communication: activating trust & energizing public engagement” – HYBRID

Communication is key to developing trust and understanding of nuclear technologies and the industry has adopted many modern means to effectively reach its stakeholders and the wider public. This session will examine effectiveness in communication, communication strategies, engagement vs. acceptance and the role that all nuclear professionals have to play.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Lisa Frizzell, Vice-President, Communications at Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) of Canada.
  • Emilie Isaacs, Global Head of Government Affairs, URENCO Ltd.

Plenary Session 2: “Human Capital: enriching the nuclear professionals of tomorrow” – HYBRID

Careers in the nuclear industry can be multifaceted, with continued training and support opening up many pathways. This session will examine how training and experience are essential to unlock individual potential and  further industry goals of supporting achievement of net zero and enhancing quality of life.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Gaetan DESHAIS, MENA Business Director, Thomas Thor Associates (TTA).
  • Seth Kofi DEBRAH, Principal Research Scientific Officer at Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC).
  • Yosuke NAOI, Director, Integrated Support Center for Nuclear Non-proliferation and Nuclear Security  at Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA).
  • Andreas PAUTZ, Director of the NEST management board chair, Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) of the OECD.

Plenary Session 3: “Nuclear Innovation: fuelling a sustainable future” – HYBRID

Since the first discovery of radioactivity, there has been continued development on how it can be harnessed for societal benefit. This session will focus on innovations such as advanced reactor technologies for low carbon energy and cutting-edge medical imaging to better understand diseases, and how these developments support the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Confirmed speakers

  • Hiroki HAYAFUNE, Vice Head of Division of Advanced Reactor Research and Development at Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA).
  • Richard BANATTI, Professor and Foundation Chair of Medical Radiation Sciences at the University of Sydney.