IYNC2022 will take place in the beautiful city Sochi, Russia !

The city of Sochi was founded on the Black Sea coast on April 21, 1838 as a fort called Alexandria in the of the Russian Empire’s mountainous North Caucasus region.For more than a hundred years, Sochi, often named ‘Russian Riviera’, was the main resort of vacation for Russian people. After winning the bid to host the Olympic Games, Sochi reshaped its looks to modern ones, now being an all-season resort of international level.

Sochi is located approximately midway between the North Pole and the equator, at the latitude of Nice, Toronto and Vladivostok. The length of the city on the Black Sea coastline is about 145 km. In Sochi, there are several natural-climatic zones: coastal, piedmont, high-mountain and alpine.Sea and mountains have a significant impact on Sochi’s climate. The mountains protect it from cold winds; the sea warms it up in winter and cools down in summer.

It will take you not more than an hour to reach the mountains and change from beach flip-flops into snowboarding boots. The urban village of Krasnaya Polyana, which hosted the skiing events at the 2014 Olympics, is ayear-round alpine resort just near Sochi. The place is marked with wonderful nature and the best tourist infrastructure in our country. Sochi has a diverse national composition, which includes almost all the peoples of the North Caucasus, and this has had an impact on Sochi’s culture and cuisine. Sochi Airport is the biggest hub of domestic and international airlines in the Southern Federal District of Russia, with the fifth-largest passenger flow.

The Imereti Lowland, where IYNC2022 will be held, is a unique venue for various large-scale events. There are approximately 30 different hotels and several large congress centers suitable for science, sports and entertainment events located along 2 kilometers of the shore line. Since 2014, it has hosted the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the World Festival of Youth and Students, the Atomexpo International Forum, the International Volunteer Forum.

Additional information will be provided soon !