Announcing NEW Mentor Program at IYNCWIN18

Announcing NEW Mentor Program at IYNCWIN18

The Executive Committees for IYNCWIN18 are excited to announce the implementation of a mentor program during the week of the Congress in Bariloche. The conference organisers are working hard to develop a schedule for the program that aims to address the primary purpose of IYNC: to transfer knowledge from the current generation of leading scientists and engineers to the next generation. 

To achieve this, the program will draw on some amazing industry leaders who will join our Congress as speakers and subject matter experts throughout the diverse technical program scheduled over four days. We are grateful to the speakers and registered participants who have already expressed enthusiasm in helping with sharing their experience with our younger, early career professionals. We are also grateful to Thomas Thor Associates, recruitment specialists in the nuclear industry, who have agreed to support the program and will speak at the opening session.

Whilst final details for schedule and timings are still being finalised, participants in the program can expect to have one-on-one access to at least one mentor to discuss their career aspirations, options and challenges. The program will offer a number of one-hour sessions that will be run in parallel with the technical program and participants will be contacted in the coming weeks, in advance of the congress, to provide guidance on how to make the most of their mentor meeting.

Each of the mentor sessions will also provide participants an opportunity to hear from a leader within the IYNC or WiN community. These speakers will give us an overview of their engagement with these professional organisations, how they have balanced this with their careers and the professional development opportunities available to anyone able to engage with the IYNC and WiN teams.

We are looking forward to bringing together participants, from diverse career backgrounds, across IYNC, WiN and WNU in working towards knowledge transfer for the improvement of all young professionals at our congress.

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