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IYNC Bulletin - November 2020

IYNC 2020 in Sydney, Australia was a big success, gathering more than 300 participants from +38 countries and it was probably one of the last conferences before the global pandemic of COVID-19 put almost the entire world in quarantine. This new edition features the highlights of IYNC2020, introduces the newly elected and appointed officers that will lead the network in the coming two years, and much more!


IYNC Bulletin - February 2020

In the last 2 years, IYNC has re-established itself as the global platform for the young generation in nuclear science and technology and, thanks to the commitment and hard work of many volunteers, IYNC has had a significant impact on the development of the young generation worldwide. Testament to the growth of the IYNC came when the IAEA Acting DG mentioned the IYNC as part of his opening speech at the IAEA General Conference 2019. He referenced our organisation as one that member states need to work to grow and foster the new generation of leaders in the nuclear industry. This statement summarized how much IYNC has done to support the young generations around the world and our global influence and outreach.

IYNC Bulletin - winter 2018-2019

As 2018 came to an end and the network of young professionals at the International Youth` Nuclear Congress moved into 2019, I believe we have a good opportunity to look back at a very successful year for our international organization. In March, our IYNCWIN18 Congress was a true success with more than 400 participants from 37 countries. Young professionals, senior leaders and mentors all came together for an unforgettable week-long event in beautiful San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. The conference was splendidly co-organized with WiN Global, WiN Argentina and Argentina YGN. The conference was the biggest nuclear event in South America and it was supported by the most prominent companies and organizations of the nuclear industry, posing the IYNC biennial event as a must attend...

IYNC Bulletin – July 2018

IYNCWIN18 was a true success with more than 420 participants from 37 countries – young professionals, senior leaders and mentors – all together for an unforgettable week-long event in beautiful San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. During the Congress, out of many considerations and stimulating discussions, there are two major takeaways that I would like to reflect on and to bring with me for the next two years, while leading the IYNC network as the newly elected IYNC President. The benefits of nuclear science and technology, in all its applications, needs to be communicated effectively outside of the nuclear community. I believe promoting a global platform for open discussion, with accurate information and without prejudices, it essential for a prosperous future. If the young generation doesn't do it, who else will? We discussed extensively during IYNCWIN18 about the need to innovate in the nuclear industry and the I4N, Innovation for Nuclear. I believe that innovating, not only in technology, but also the culture, is paramount for our generation in nuclear.

IYNC Bulletin–December 2017

Two years after the historical COP21 conference in Paris, the COP23 conference was held in Bonn, Germany, in November 2017. The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and over 140 nations worked to implement their pledges to limit climate-change, keep a global temperature rise well below 2°C in this century, and transform our societies towards a low-carbon world.

IYNC Bulletin – September 2017

The International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) was formed in 1997 by a group of enthusiast young professionals. They believed that young generation organizations around the world could be more effective in the communication and transfer of knowledge regarding peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology if their efforts were integrated globally; thus, providing a platform for sharing ideas, transferring knowledge and networking.

IYNC Bulletin – February 2017

Collaboration is the process for people or organizations to achieve something together. As our societies become increasingly global a growing role for collaborations is observed. Expanding connectivity, digitalisation and cross- functional teamwork have made collaborations a necessity.

IYNC Bulletin – September 2016

As the newly elected IYNC President I would like to welcome you to the 12th IYNC Bulletin. This issue marks the be- ginning of a new term for IYNC. A new leadership team was elected in July 2016 for the period 2016 – 2018. Innovation will be the focus of this term. Innovating for IYNC but also supporting innovation in nuclear science and technology.

IYNC Bulletin – July 2016

Dear members and supporters of the International Youth Nuclear Congress, We have reached the last bulletin for the 2014-2016 term. The road to IYNC2016 in Hangzhou has been a great journey, and we are all anxious in anticipation to see the grand finale – the 9th convention of the International Youth Nuclear Congress 24-30 July 2016.

IYNC Bulletin – December 2015

The activities of the IYNC in the past 6 months revolved around maintaining the global young generation network and promoting the nuclear industry at the COP21 climate change conference. IYNC formed partnerships with the ENYGF, IAEA, WANO and OECD/NEA throughout this period. We also published a position paper on climate change and our expectations from the COP21 conference. Our country reports present the developments in the nuclear industry of Malaysia, Sri Lanka, the United States. We also present you with a report by the Africa Young Generation Network. We hope you enjoy the Bulletin and stay in touch with your colleagues all over the world!

IYNC Bulletin – May 2015

As time goes by, we realize that almost a year has passed since IYNC2014 in Burgos, Spain. For everyone, including the IYNC Officers, the nostalgia of having to leave so many friends and colleagues behind had only just started to subside when we had to begin planning for the next great adventure – IYNC2016 in Hangzhou, China.

IYNC Bulletin – December 2014

The latest issue of the IYNC Bulletin is here, featuring IYNC2014 in Burgos, Spain and special articles Young Professionals To Lead Next Revolution and Fukushima’s Agriculture After The 2011 Accident; Interview with ANS Past President Donald Hoffman; Introduction of new term of IYNC Officers – Melissa Crawford, Ekaterina Ryabikovskaya, Rahul Srinivasan, Dan O’Connor, Nicolas Anciaux, Lubomir Mitev; Country Reports Ukraine, Argentina, Australia report on the 2nd annual Nuclear Youth Summit. This bulletin also comes with special thanks to IYNC2014 platinum sponsor, Westinghouse. #Nuclear4Climate”

IYNC Bulletin – March 2014

The nuclear industry is growing in Asia where 49 nuclear power reactors are under construction. One of the main objectives of the 2012 – 2014 term IYNC officers was to develop the IYNC network in this region. Besides our historic partners such as South Korea and Japan, IYNC has made great progress in extending its network to India and China. Those two countries have started their local YGN (Young Generation in Nuclear) with the help of IYNC and are willing to be involved more in our activities and to take a significant place in the IYNC congress.