African Youth Nuclear Summit Report

Kenyan Young Generation in Nuclear (KYGN) hosted the inaugural African Youth Nuclear Summit, dubbed AYNS2017 that took place on the 27th to 30th March, 2017, at Kenyatta International Conventional Centre (KICC), Nairobi. The participants were drawn from academia, research and development institutes, radiation services providers, health institutions, nuclear facilities and regulatory bodies. They shared experiences, […]

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Japan YG Report: Energy Outlook & Activities

1. Japan’s Nuclear Energy Outlook 1.1 Policy and Governance After the temporary shutdown of unit 4 of Ohi NPP on 15 September 2013, Japan has been experiencing “zero nuclear” status again. It is second time for Japan to experience “zero nuclear” status after the Fukushima accident, but short-term prospect of nuclear power is totally different […]

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france atoms 2013

France: Atoms for the Future 2013

The SFEN JG (French Nuclear Society Young Generation) has been working actively to establish a strong and dynamic network. The SFEN JG has been aiming to share knowledge amongst the young professionals in the nuclear field through presentations in universities, interviews, visits and conferences. Another perspective is to share at the European and international level […]

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Kenyan Young Generation in Nuclear

Background Information The progress in nuclear energy in Kenya is now taking shape as the government has recognized its contributions to the realization of vision 2030. The 10th parliament passed the energy bill that allows inclusion of nuclear power in the energy mix among hydro, geothermal, wind and solar power that remain the current source […]

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Hungary: Summer of the HNS-YGN

The most busy time of the Hungarian Young Generation Network is the summer, the summer festival season. This time we participate in several music festivals addressed to young people. We set up a tent, the “Nuclear Tent” where festival visitors can talk with our members about nuclear energy and technology. The visitors can take tests […]

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United States: NAYGN Annual Conference in Washington

The NAYGN Annual Conference was held in Washington, DC in May 2013. More than 700 young nuclear professionals from the US, Mexico and Canada were in attendance. The conference included a visit to Capitol Hill where the American attendees were able to meet with their Congressmen and/or their aides to discuss the importance of nuclear […]

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Country reports from the last IYNC Board of Directors Meeting in Stockholm

On June 15th, 2013 a Board of Directors Meeting was held in Stockholm, Sweden during the European Nuclear Young Generation Forum 2013. Country delegates from across the globe held presentations on the current status of the nuclear industry and YGN activities in their countries, and we’ve made them all available for download here.

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Hungary: Scope of the Fusion Expert Group

As a result of more than 50 years of development, fusion research reached a level where power plant scale fusion reactors are planned to be built, which raised the need for closer collaboration with other fields of nuclear technology. At this point the Hungarian EURATOM Fusion Association decided to establish the Fusion Expert Group within the Hungarian Nuclear Society. This way fusion became officially represented in the nuclear field.

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