Hungary: Summer of the HNS-YGN

The most busy time of the Hungarian Young Generation Network is the summer, the summer festival season. This time we participate in several music festivals addressed to young people. We set up a tent, the “Nuclear Tent” where festival visitors can talk with our members about nuclear energy and technology. The visitors can take tests for small prizes. This year we focused also on the geographical distribution of our presence, we optimized our resources during the summer to show ourselves in as many parts of the country as possible. We participated on five major festivals:

  • EFOTT (Zánka, Central Hungary),
  • VOLT (Sopron, West Hungary)
  • Campus (Debrecen, East Hungary),
  • Sziget (Budapest, Central Hungary),
  • Hegyalja (Tokalj, East-Hungary).


While talking with visitors our experience was that Fukushima is becoming a less hot topic. Discussion topics have moved back to their old proportions.