This year, IYNC and African Young Generation in Nuclear – AYGN partner to launch the first African innovation contest


The aim is to encourage and challenge students and young professionals to be innovative and take charge in creating sustainable solutions to the problems the world faces.

You are a young and dynamic student or professional with the head full of ideas and the envy of having things moving forward, don’t hesitate and submit your best idea to I4N-AYGN.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Have a look at the Rules and Guidelines available here

    You will see that you are able to team-up to a group of maximum 5 people and able to submit an idea that can be (1) a technological or research project or (2) an organizational or societal project.

    The different phases of the contest are also described.
  2. Fill the submission form with your team
  3. Send the submission form to (with supporting visual materials not more than 10MB) by 28th December (CET).

For the ones that need to be convinced to participate, here are few reasons why you should:

  • Build international soft skills through this new opportunity
  • Enhance your professional network
  • Have fun growing your knowledge
  • Contribute to the future of nuclear applications

Announcement and rewards:
The two finalists will be announced during the AYGN Summit in South Africa in October 2019. The rewards are:

  • Mentorship from AYGN and IYNC
  • Dinner at AYGN Nuclear side events
  • Attending I4N 2020 Final contest in Australia

If you have any question, feel free to contact the organizing team at