IYNC Continues Celebrating

IYNC Continues Celebrating 20th Anniversary

IYNC Continues Celebrating 20th Anniversary

2017 is a special year for IYNC, since it marks the celebration of the 20th anniversary of this successful network of students and young professionals that are passionate about the nuclear world. The first idea of IYNC as a platform dates back to 1997 from an international group of enthusiasts. During the international “Youth and Plutonium challenge 1998,” the creation of IYNC was officially called, and it became reality two years later when the first conference was organized in Nice, France. In this occasion, the participants agreed upon the creation of the following mission statement for IYNC:

  • Develop new approaches to communicate benefits of nuclear power, as part of a balanced energy mix;
  •  Promote further peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology for the welfare of mankind;
  • Transfer knowledge from the current generation of leading scientists to the next generation and across international boundaries.

To celebrate our 20th anniversary, the current board of directors has proposed to launch 20 events to foster and enlarge the network already present, promote IYNC and the next congress, which will be held in 2018 in Bariloche, Argentina. In February and March, five events already took place: the webinar for the Italian Young Generation; the Nuclear Power Asia Event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; the International Nuclear Power Plants Summit in Istanbul where the current president Denis had an invited talk; the Nuclear Industry Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the first African Nuclear Summit in Nairobi, Kenya.

We are looking forward to the next events in April. IYNC will promote its innovation contest along with its anniversary at the American Nuclear Society Student Conference in Pittsburgh, USA, and an invited panel session (View from the next generation: Sharing vision from nuclear energy) will be held at the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum annual conference in Tokyo, Japan. All these events will converge to the IYNC 2018, a unique opportunity for students, scientist and young professionals to discuss advancements in research and exchange knowledge on the fascinating world of the nuclear energy.

Month Event Location Date
April ANS student conference Pittsburg, USA 6-9
April JAIF annual conference Tokyo, Japan 11-12
May NEI/NAYGN annual meeting Scotdale, AZ, USA 22-24
MAY IAEA tech cooperation Vienna, Austria 31-1
June Nuclear installations safety Vienna, Austria 6-9
June ENYGF Manchester, UK 11-16
June FR17 IAEA Yekaterinsburg, Russia 26-30
August WiN Global Beijing, China 28-1
September IAEA conference Vienna, Austria 18-22
September South East YGN summit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 28-29
October YPC, ANS Washington DC, USA 28
November COP23 Bonn, Germany 6-17