IYNC Joins International Initiative for Tackling Climate Change Using Nuclear Energy

On May 24 2018, the NICE Future initiative was launched in Copenhagen. NICE Future stands for “Nuclear Innovation: Clean Energy Future” and is an initiative under the framework of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) platform initiated by Canada, Japan and the USA. As part of the International Youth Nuclear Congress’ (IYNC) strategic priorities for promoting the future of nuclear energy and tackling climate change, IYNC supports the initiative and Denis Janin, IYNC immediate Past-President, moderated the launch of the NICE Future initiative.

The NICE Future initiative will address an improved power system integration through innovative, integrated, and advanced energy systems and applications, such as nuclear-renewable systems, combined uses of heat and power, hydrogen production, and industrial decarbonization. It will highlight the opportunities for nuclear energy technologies to reduce emissions and air pollution from power generation, industry, and end-use sectors.   

IYNC welcomes this initiative as it works toward building a sustainable future for nuclear power. At the initiative’s launch, Denis Janin highlighted the importance of innovative nuclear technologies and integrated energy systems: “This issue is vital for our planet—we need to get it right for the next generations. All available clean energy systems have a role to play. Nuclear energy is key in clean energy innovation especially as nuclear power plants do not emit air pollutants.”

Moreover, it is the first time that governments openly start an initiative supporting a dialogue around nuclear power. For IYNC, this is in line with the mission related to explore new ways for innovative communication on nuclear science and technologies. The NICE Future initiative ambitiously promotes open and inclusive discussions, based on facts, putting innovation and collaboration forward.

“I would like to acknowledge the countries and organizations that have joined the United States, Canada, and Japan in the creation and launch of the NICE Future initiative,” said Deputy Secretary Brouillette from the USA. “Secretary Rick Perry and I are quite proud of this initiative and the ambitious program it sets forth. Having nuclear included at the Clean Energy Ministerial will create greater global recognition of its many unique benefits.”

Countries participating in the NICE Future Initiative include the United States, Canada, Japan, Argentina, Poland, Romania, Russia, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom.  More countries have indicated strong interest. The International Energy Agency (IEA) and the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA) have noted their interest and support for the initiative. The U.S. DOE National Renewable Energy Laboratory will serve as an initiative operating agent.

Denis Janin (second from the right) at the CEM's NICE Future initiative launch, 24 May 2018, Copenhagen

Denis Janin (second from the right) at the CEM’s NICE Future initiative launch, 24 May 2018, Copenhagen