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The Pride of Castile

On the banks of the Arlanzón River, as the old Spanish ballads say, stands the historic city of Burgos, Pride of Castile and one of the most beautiful cities in Spain.

Founded in the year 884 AD by Count Diego Rodríguez Porcelos during the reign of Alfonso III, the city of Burgos conserves all the age old ambience imbued upon it by its founding fathers.

The entire city is riddled with nooks and crannies, squares and narrow streets, each with its own unique flavour and beauty, and these are complemented not only by the artistic splendour of its monuments, but also by its lovely avenues and gardens which invite the visitor to simply stroll around and enjoy the multiple charms it has to offer.

From the Castle Mount, which provides a privileged view across the city, the whole of Burgos seems to be within touching distance as it shows us the layout of its ancient neighbourhoods presided over by the unique outline of its Cathedral, which stands there in massive grandeur while the dazzling array of its Gothic turrets and spires soar up into the blue pure skies of Castile like petrified needles of intricately carved stone. Huddled around it are the Gothic churches of San Esteban, San Gil, San Nicolás and Santa Águeda, and a little further away stands the church of San Lesmes. In the outskirts of the city we find the splendid conglomeration of the Real Monasterio de las Huelgas and, yet further out and as though lost among the green fronds of the pine woods that surround it, the Carthusian Monastery of Miraflores.

The priority of most, if not all those lucky enough to stop off in Burgos is to visit our “lady of stone”, the Cathedral, and it is a decision they never regret because it is, without doubt, the monument most beloved by the citizens of Burgos themselves. It is for this reason that we feel honoured that many of our visitors make the cathedral their first stop and, having seen it, state they would put revisiting it at the top of their list if they ever found themselves in the area again.

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