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Media Training Sessions

The idea of the IYNC workshops is to be interactive with a small group of participants (maximum 40). The workshop participants will perform a task (e.g. : a game or brainstorming session) and present the output.

Contact Crystian Ioppolo (USA, Duke Energy), IYNC2014 Workshops Chair, for more information at

Here are the IYNC2014 Media Training Topics:

# Workshop Topic
WSM1. Media training, session 1: Are we communicating or are we managing a complex interactive process?
What is organizational communication? And what are we doing to act successfully in this field? Understanding the answers to these questions can radically change how we understand human interaction and organizational life, and it opens up exciting possibilities for practice.


  • Hugo Marynissen, Founder, CIP-institute, Belgium
WSM2. Media training, session 2: How do we deal with media in a broad organization context?
How does the media think, create opinions, interact with the nuclear sector, amplify messages, etc? And how can you, as a communication manager, take the lead in this conversation?


  • Daniel Alonso, Associate, CIP-institute, Spain
WSM3. Media training, session 3: Why do people have the wrong risk perceptions, and how do we address them?
People have risk perceptions of all kind. Quite often, they don’t match reality. People are quite persistent and lack the ability to easily adapt. This workshop offers insights in the field of cognitive science and communication, and indicates ways to communicate in a more successful way.


  • Juan Manuel Dominguez, Associate, CIP-institute, Spain
WSM4. Media training, session 4: How do we communicate when things are going wrong?
A crisis can manifest itself in multiple forms; an unexpected strike, rumors in the media, a political debate about the future role of nuclear power, or a physical incident. In each of these cases you have to respond in an appropriate way. This workshop will give the participants straight forward toolkit for handling crisis communication in a very effective way.


  • Stijn Pieters, Founder, CIP-institute, Belgium

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