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IYNC2016, Hangzhou, China

July 24-30 2016


IYNC2016 will be held in Hangzhou, China and will bring together more than 700 young and senior professionals, students and academia. IYNC2016 will feature plenary sessions, interactive workshops, technical tracks, a large variety of technical tours and networking activities.

hangzhou city
Hangzou is one of the important tourism cities in China, famous for its natural beauty and historical and cultural heritages. Since Hangzhou was set up as a county capital in Qin Dynasty, it has a history of more than 2200 years as a city. It used to be the capital of Wuyue State (during the Five-Dynasty-Ten-State Era in Chinese history) and South Song Dynasty; that made Hangzhou one of the seven ancient capitals in China. When Marco Polo came to Hangzhou in the 13th century, he praised it to be “the most beautiful city in the world”. There is a popular saying: “Above there is heaven, below there are Hangzhou and Suzhou.”


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