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Panel Sessions

Co-chair: Suzanne Baker (Third Way, USA) & Piyush Sabharwall (Idaho National Laboratory, USA)

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Senior professionals from all over the world are sharing their view with the attendees on the most “popular” nuclear topics. Round tables and other different format will make these sessions interactive.

7 panel sessions are planned:

PS1 – Advanced reactors: technical, economics, licensing and policy aspects for energy innovation

The panel will focus on small modular reactors and advanced reactors, covering various key aspects, mainly technical, economics, licensing and policy in order to make the development and deployment in near future a reality. Panelists will highlight some of the exciting collaborations taking place in advanced nuclear reactor concepts and explore how countries can encourage more cross-country collaboration, especially among young nuclear engineers, entrepreneurs, and policy makers.

Manager: Piyush Sabharwall, Idaho National Laboratory, USA

Co-manager: Jessica Lovering, The Breakthrough Institute, USA

PS2 – The science of nuclear communication

A look into how different nuclear organizations are applying emerging social science in their communications, stakeholder engagement and outreach work.

Manager: Suzanne Baker, Thirdway, USA

Co-manager: Emanuele Semeraro, Engineer consultant, Germany

PS3 – Radioactive waste – meeting the challenge

The challenge of making nuclear power safer doesn’t end after the power has been generated. Nuclear fuel remains dangerously radioactive for thousands of years after it is no longer useful in a commercial reactor. The resulting waste disposal problem has become a major challenge for policymakers.

The panel intends to bring together specialists from worldwide to discuss the challenges of the radioactive waste management addressing key issues like geological disposal, retrievability and reversibility, multinational repositories, public acceptance.

Manager: Alina Constantin, Institute for Nuclear Research, Romania

PS4 – Women in all things Nuclear

Women are steadily increasing their leadership positions in the industry and taking a critical role in the future of nuclear energy. This session will explore female leadership and will focus on providing young women in nuclear with expert pieces of advice from experienced women leaders. Each speaker will be asked to share their one, personal “golden rule” about being a woman, and building a career in nuclear. It may be a lesson learned, important experience, or critical part of the speaker’s daily routine. This “golden rule” will be used to spark discussion on career ambitions, leadership experiences, and life/work balance.

Manager: August Fern, Energy independent consultant

PS5 – The future generation in nuclear: recruiting new leaders

Recruiting and Retention activities should focus on attracting new young professionals to the nuclear science and technology industry.  In the U.S. alone, numbers have dropped substantially in nuclear engineering and other nuclear related fields.  Students and young professionals are the future of nuclear with more than 40% of the industry’s experienced workers retiring in the next 5-10 years.  The nuclear industry needs aiding in retaining these young people. Recruiting members and expanding our scope through YGNs and other organizations like National Nuclear Society, will benefit the industry.  These groups are outlets to learning and growing as a student and professional. IYNC has been working diligently in added YGNs to the global network because they know what effect this will have on the industry internationally.

Manager: Nicholle Turnipseed, SCANA, USA

Co-manager: Shengke Zhi, Amec Foster Wheeler, UK

PS6 – Nuclear safety, security, safeguards and 3S regimes

This panel will introduce the audience to Nuclear Safety, Security, Safeguards and 3S regimes. It will discuss the current challenges Nuclear Safety, Nuclear Security and Safeguards are facing today.

A focus will be laid on the implementation of Nuclear Safety, Nuclear Security and Safeguards in newcomer countries, and how the interaction of those 3 will lead to an active 3S regime.

Manager: Eileen Langegger, ENS-YGN chair, Austria

Co-manager: Fidelma Di Lemma, JAEA, Japan

PS7 – Nuclear saves lives: Atoms for better healthcare

The objective of this session is to educate the participants on the medical applications of nuclear technology. There are three broad areas of nuclear applications in medicine, namely; diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy. The sessions are expected to include the fundamental principles of each, the instrumentation and the applications (procedures), quality assurance and radiation safety; as well as the emerging technologies in this field. Some bias towards using the particular technologies in battling cancer should be mentioned. Radiological imaging techniques to include general radiography, computed tomography, fluoroscopy, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, mammography, procedures and conditions best diagnosed by each. Nuclear medicine to include Radionuclides for both imaging and therapy, gamma camera, SPECT, PET, Nuclear Medicine procedures (emphasis on those related to cancer), QA aspects. Radiotherapy: goals, instrumentation: simulator, external beam (kV/Orthovoltage, Co-60, LINAC, Proton), Brachytherapy, procedures, safety aspects.

Manager: Bernard Ochieng, Texas Cancer Centre, Kenya

Co-manager: Xiaoli Lan, Asian School of Nuclear Medicine, China

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