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Keynote & Plenary Sessions

Chair: Kenta Horio (University of Tokyo)


The industry’s top managers and scientists will share their experience with the young generation.

1 keynote session and 3 plenary sessions will be held at IYNC2016:

Keynote session “Nuclear Powering our Life”

Manager: Kenta Horio, University of Tokyo

1. Atom for Development: Meeting human needs

How nuclear science and technology (including radiation and isotope techniques) can contribute to the global development? What is the role of nuclear science and technology within the framework of Post 2015 Development Goals?

Manager: Pamella Kageliza Kilavi, Tutorial Fellow, Department of Physics and Space Science, Technical University of Kenya, Co-Founder and President, Kenyan Young Generation in Nuclear

2. Nuclear New Build

What are the prospect for new build across the world? What are the challenges? How can we overcome those challenges?

Manager: Nitendra Singh, BARC

3. Energy & Climate Change: A sustainable future

How can we address both challenges of energy security and climate change? Will nuclear be a part of solutions? Post COP21

Manager: Charles Michel Levy, AREVA


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