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Technical Tracks

Buy Cipro Xr 500mg Chair: Liangzhi Cao (Xi´an Jiaotong University)

go Contact: caolz@iync.org

watch IYNC is seeking to give the opportunity to all young generation professionals to present and discuss their work through a comprehensive set of technical tracks.

http://cictab.mx/?mex=Buy-Zyban-Tablets&7b1=ca It is asked to authors to provide a summary of minimum 2 pages (max four). Those summaries will be externally reviewed.

source The program committee will select around 100 high quality summaries from all submissions and require authors to extend their summaries to full papers to be published in the journal of Energy Procedia (an EI-index journal). The selection will be done by the program committee based on the review results and presentation evaluation in the conference. The selection results will be announced right after the conference.

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Technical Tracks

  1. NPP Operation and Maintenance, Design Modification
  2. Advanced Reactors Design (including Gen IV)
  3. Reactor Physics and Neutronics
  4. Thermal Hydraulics
  5. Nuclear Fuel and Materials
  6. Nuclear Safety, Security, Safeguards (including non-proliferation) and Radiation Protection
  7. Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Waste Management and Decommissioning
  8. Fusion
  9. Education, Human Resources Development and Knowledge Management
  10. Politics, Economics, and Societal issues
  11. Applications of Nuclear Technology in Non-power Sectors
  12. YGN best practices

Technical Tracks Managers

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TRK Role Last Name First Name Country Affiliation Email
1 Manager Sood Mayank Canada AMEC NSS mayank.sood@amecfw.com
1 Co-manager Munetsi Philisile South African Koeberg Power Station MunetsPh@eskom.co.za
1 Co-manager Eichelberger Eboni USA SCETG eboni.n.eich@gmail.com
2 Manager Wu Zeyun USA National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) zeyunwu@hotmail.com
2 Co-manager Bao Truong USA Terra Power BTRUONG@TERRAPOWER.COM
2 Co-manager Luo Run China Xi’an Jiaotong University luorunxjtu@163.com
3 Manager Wan Chenghui China Xi’an Jiaotong University chenghuiwan@stu.xjtu.edu.cn
3 Co-manager Alrwashdeh Mohammad Jordan Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) m.alrwashdeh@JAEC.GOV.JO
3 Co-manager Soloviov Vladyslav Ukraine Chernobyl NPP soloviov.v.v@gmail.com
4 Manager Liu Xiaojing China Shanghai Jiao Tong University xiaojingliu@sjtu.edu.cn
4 Co-manager Diana Icleanu Romania University Politehnica of Bucharest icleanud@router.citon.ro
4 Co-manager Boissavit Martin French EDF martin.boissavit@gmail.com
5 Manager He Xinfu China CIAE hexinfu@ciae.ac.cn
5 Co-manager Avincola Valentina Germany KIT valentina.avincola@gmail.com
5 Co-manager  Khosrowpour Behzad Iran student, Azad University of Fars Branch behzad.khosrowpour@gmail.com
6 Manager Lemma Fidelma Irish/Italian Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA) dilemma.fidelmagiulia@jaea.go.jp
6 Co-manager Fernández Kevin Spain Technical University of Madrid kevin.fcosials@upm.es
6 Co-manager Huang Xianjia China United Laboratory of Nuclear Fire Safety huangxianjia@gziit.ac.cn
6 Co-manager Ignacio Gomez Germany KIT ignacio.torano@kit.edu
6 Co-manager Raganelli Lavinia UK Imperial College & CRA l.raganelli13@imperial.ac.uk
7 Manager Palacio Alejandro España ENSA (Grupo SEPI) palacio.alejandro@ensa.es
7 Co-anager Khayambashi Afshin China Shanghai Jiao Tong University a.khayambashi@sjtu.edu.cn
8 Manager Zhao Fengchao China Southwest Institute of Physics zhaofc@swip.ac.cn
8 Co-manager Jiang Jieqiong China INEST jieqiong.jiang@fds.org.cn
9 Manager Yolanda Cristina Japan Hitachi cy.rodrigle@gmail.com
9 Co-manager Reddy Naveesh India Independent Consultant Nuclear naveeshreddy@gmail.com
9 Co-manager Cvetkov Iskren Bulgaria Kozloduy NPP IMCvetkov@npp.bg
10 Manager Fang Chao China Tsinghua University fangchao@mail.tsinghua.edu.cn
10 Co-manager Liu Yuanyuan China Nuclear and Radiation Saftey Center liuyuanyuan06@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn
10 Co-manager TARIQ Muhammad Pakistan NED, UET mfm_trq@yahoo.com
11 Manager Wang Sheng China Xi’an Jiaotong University shengwang@mail.xjtu.edu.cn
11 Co-manager Zhang Youpeng Switzerland Paul Scherrer Institut youpeng.zhang@psi.ch
12 Manager Paizante Larissa Brazil JFRJ larissapaizante@poli.ufrj.br

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