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Visa information


Please be aware most participants coming from outside China will require a Visa. Please contact your local Chinese embassy for your specific requirements. In most cases a Tourist Visa is sufficient, but again, check with your local Chinese embassy to confirm.

Time Frame

Times for receiving a Visa for China vary by country. In some cases the process can be expedited for an additional fee. It is common that you must leave your passport with the Embassy while your application is processed – Therefore you must take your other travels into account when applying for the Visa.
Visa services can also be useful and recommended for helping with this process if you do not live close to a Chinese Embassy. Search the internet for Chinese Visa services in your country to find one that works for you.
As Visa times vary by country, we cannot make a clear recommendation for you. 4-6 weeks is a safe lead time for most countries. Some places are faster and some can take longer.

Invitation Letter

Once you have registered and submitted payment, please request an invitation letter from the conference organizers by sending an email to and with the subject line:


You will receive a form to fill out with the required information for the Invitation letter. You the receive a letter you can use for your Visa application.

Special Consideration for travel through Hong Kong:

If you plan to travel to Hong Kong after IYNC2016 in Hangzhou, and then return to Mainland China, you must make sure you have the correct number of entries on your Chinese Visa. Take care of this when considering your Visa application and travel plans.