Technical tracks chair : Kampanart Silva (ENTEC, Thailand)


We are seeking knowledgeable, committed and enthusiastic Technical Track Managers to ensure the quality of article submissions for IYNC2022 ! If you would like to join the Technical Track team and belong to an international high level working group, we encourage you to respond to this open call.

The main responsibilities of a Technical Track Manager can be summarized as follows:

  • Review summaries and posters submitted to your track.
  • Manage the acceptance or rejection of the submitted summaries.
  • Promote summaries and posters submission among colleagues.
  • Shape the track layout during the conference, help looking for additional session chairs, and support the preparation of the conference proceedings.
  • Ideally, to attend the conference physically in order to moderate technical sessions.
  • Work together with the TT Chair to submit selected papers to a peer-reviewed journal.

You can put yourself forward as a Technical Track Manger of one (or more) of the IYNC2022 Technical Tracks:

  • TT1: Reactor Design, Operation, Maintenance and Digitalization
  • TT2: Advanced Reactors, SMRs and Fusion Technologies
  • TT3: Nuclear Physics, Neutronics and Reactor Physics
  • TT4: Thermal Hydraulics
  • TT5: Nuclear and Structural Materials
  • TT6: Nuclear Safety, Security, Safeguards and Radiation Protection
  • TT7: Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Waste Management and Decommissioning
  • TT8: Policy, Economic and Social Aspects of Nuclear Applications
  • TT9: Communication, Knowledge Management and YGN Best Practices
  • TT10: Non-Power Nuclear Applications

If you have any further questions, comments, you cannot access the form, or you want to discuss more about the possibilities for participating in the IYNC2022 Technical Tracks team, please contact the technical tracks chair with subject line “IYNC2022 Technical Tracks”.