Please visit this page regularly as the situation is still evolving.

General recommendations

On 26th Sep 2022, Japanese government announced that the travel restrictions entering Japan will be eased from 11th Oct 2022. This page is based on that announcement. Please also read the information provided by Japanese government carefully.

Border measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19):

* Please note that you need to register if a visa is needed. Once you finish registration and payment, we will communicate with you for visa application. (At registration, you will be asked about the necessary information for visa application.)

** Information on visas and entry is subject to change depending on the status of COVID-19 infection in Japan. Please be sure to check the website of the Japanese Embassy or Consulate-General in your area of residence for the latest information before applying. To find the Japanese Embassy or Consulate-General with jurisdiction over your area, please click on the link below.

VISA requirements

1. VISA application process

Please check the visa requirements for your country and start the application process well in advance of time1. To apply for a visa, you must submit the required documents for visa application to the Japanese overseas establishments in your country/region. We will provide the necessary materials such as letter of invitation, stay schedule to conference registrants if VISA application is required. Please choose the “require VISA support” when registering for the conference. We will contact you for further requests afterward.

Visa application procedure and necessary documents are provided in the following link.

1The information on Visa processing time provided by Japanese government:

2. Visa Exemptions for some countries

Visa exemption for some countries will be resumed from 11-Oct, 2022. Please check if you are subject to Visa exemptions in the following links.

Countries or Regions for Visa Exemptions (Short-Term Stay):

Visa Exemptions for Diplomatic and Official Passport Holders:

Visa Exemption Arrangement for United Nations Laissez-Passer Holders:

Quarantine measures

All returnees and entrants will be required to submit either a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate (3 doses) of vaccines on the Emergency Use List of World Health Organization (WHO) or a certificate of negative result of pre-departure COVID-19 test within 72 hours prior to departing from the original country/region.

Return to your home country

As the measures for returning to your country/economy from Japan, please check your country/economy’s regulation.


If you have any questions on visa requirements and travel restrictions, please contact to