Workshop Chair: Maria Roskoshnaya (ROSATOM, Russia)


If you are looking for an opportunity to challenge your ability to conduct an interactive event in an international environment, we encourage you to share with us your workshop idea and apply to be a workshop manager for the IYNC2022 !

Workshops sessions are approximately two hours long and they are the best place to learn about a new subject through the enhancement of interactivity among the participants, helping to grow your network in an attractive and dynamic way.

As a workshop manager, you will be responsible for developing one topic and creating an interactive workshop concept (for example, case study, workshop game or roleplay, debates or discussion, demonstration etc.).

Need some inspiration for your workshop idea ? These are some potential topics:

  • Nuclear energy to support UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Energy synergies. SMRs applications and Hybrid Systems
  • Digital, Cyber Security & Cutting Edge Technologies in Nuclear power
  • On Guard: Non-Proliferation, Safety and Security
  • Supply Chain as the Key Support Service for Business in Nuclear
  • Talent development & Knowledge transfer
  • Project Management approaches in Nuclear

Please bear in mind that these are just a few tentative themes. We encourage submissions on all topic areas, even those not listed here – we are interested in highlighting unique and emerging issues in the nuclear sector. We are looking forward to your enthusiasm and new ideas!

If you have any further questions, comment, you cannot access the form, or you want to discuss more about the possibilities about participating in the IYNC2022 Workshop team, please contact the workshop chair with subject line “IYNC2022 Workshop Proposal”.