Workshop Chair: Maria ROSKOSHNAYA (ROSATOM, Russia)

Workshops are held in the format of a highly interactive session (e.g. a game), with a limited number of participants. 

IYNC2022 Workshop Sessions will specifically cover the following topics.

  • Nuclear energy to support UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Energy synergies. SMRs applications and Hybrid Systems
  • Digital, Cyber Security & Cutting Edge Technologies in Nuclear power
  • On Guard: Non-Proliferation, Safety and Security
  • Supply Chain as the Key Support Service for Business in Nuclear
  • Talent development & Knowledge transfer
  • Project Management approaches in Nuclear
  • Nuclear Infrastructure: from basic needs to expanded applications of nuclear
  • Research & Development PLUS or VS Business
  • Other Nuclear Applications: health, agriculture, etc.

Please find below a short description of each of the workshops to be held in IYNC2022:

WS1: “Agile: Engineering of the future” – HYBRID
Managers: Sergey Malozemov &Julia Klemeshova (JSC TVEL, Russia) & Dmitrii Kuritcyn (JSC Atomenergoproekt, Russia)

Within this workshop, held in the format of a game, participants will be acquainted with the Agile project management methodology by developing a draft design of a nuclear power plant. The process will involve changing demands and unexpected events.  Will the customer be satisfied with your product? 

WS2: “Supply Chain: Supportive Processes as an Integral Part of Foreign Economic Activity” – ONSITE
Managers: Evgenia Tkachenko (Rosatom Service JSC, Russia)   

During this workshop, partly held in the format of a game, all these interrelated themes will be addressed and discussed, and we will understand what processes of any supply chain are essential and defining. The workshop will discover the supply chain aims, its participants, their roles and responsibilities.

WS3: “The Future of Energy” – ONSITE
Managers: Kelsy Green (IYNC)

This workshop will teach the method of scenario planning to participants, provide examples of how to use scenario planning, and discuss current relevant drivers of change in the energy world. Importantly, the workshop will allow participants to discuss amongst each other what drivers they think will be most relevant globally and locally to the adoption of nuclear energy.

WS4: “Dissecting the dichotomy of nuclear dialogue: a nuclear expert’s guide to awkward conversations” – HYBRID
Managers:  John C. H. Lindberg (WNA) & Sannah van Balen (The Empowered Atom, Netherlands)

This workshop is designed to increase awareness amongst participants about the importance of effective communication, the lessons the nuclear industry must learn, and how to incorporate the latest science in one’s day-to-day communication. 

WS5: “Practical Deployments of Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems” – ONSITE
: Hossam Gaber (Ontario Tech University, Canada) & Otavio Lopes Alves Esteves (Ontario Tech University, Canada)

This workshop will discuss different integration strategies of nuclear-renewable integrated systems to support energy infrastructure, this involving different installations and user requirements. Group discussions will enable participants to gain experience with different examples and case studies to prepare for practical deployment of nuclear-renewable hybrid energy systems.

WS6: “Let’s Make It SMalleR! ” – HYBRID
: Okan Yildiz (Akkuyu Nuclear JSC, Turkey)

The purpоse of this wоrkshop will be to learn about Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and the main challenges associated with this new technology through brainstorming activities and interactive games. 

WS7: “Design Your Own Space Reactor” – ONSITE
Managers: Đorđe Petrović & Joachim De Roo (Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK CEN) / Engie Electrabel, Belgium)

Within this workshop, participants will create their own space nuclear reactor concept using simple engineering rules and economic data from open literature. The developed designs must not only demonstrate to be safe to a simulated jury, but also have operational costs attractive for investors and limited construction ties to limit project risks.

WS8: “Advancing Innovation in the Nuclear Lifecycle” – ONSITE
: Osama Baig (Ontario Power Generation, Canada) & Oleksii Prystai (Rosatom, Akkuyu NPP, Turkey)

This workshop will increase awareness amongst professionals on new challenges faced by the Nuclear industry in terms of technical innovation, effective communication, information sharing and strengthening relationships between the broader international nuclear community.

WS9: “Dare to Lead” – HYBRID
: Larissa Noudem (Ministery of Defense, France)  & Adeline Yuego (NRPA, Cameroon)

Participants of this workshop will discover their leadership style and develop multiple ways to lead people in different situations through interactive role games and feedback from professionals of the nuclear industry.

WS10: “Green Economy Strategy” – ONSITE
Manager: Florencia de los Ángeles Rentería del Toro (Harbin Engineering University, China)

This workshop will analyze the existing energy policies and propose Nuclear Power Expansion programs to achieve the decarbonization goal. Thanks to group discussions, participants will identify the main challenges towards nuclear energy policy in the member states and how to achieve international cooperation.

WS11: “Nuclear Amazing Race” – ONSITE
: Jonathan Jeyarajah (Kinectrics, Canada) & Edzani Ratsibi (NECSA, South Africa)

The main purpose of this workshop is to provide an interactive game that can increase awareness on different non-power nuclear applications and how these bring a positive impact to society. Participants will get to work in teams to solve challenges on the different non-power applications involving nuclear medicine, agriculture, radiation protection and radioactive waste management.