IYNC presents the report Understanding the Anti-nuclear Environmental Movement


The report aims to outline the main arguments against nuclear power as used by anti-nuclear activist organisations and to present them to professionals in the nuclear industry. Using this as a basis, nuclear professionals should be able to understand and, further down the road, learn to communicate with anti-nuclear activists.  

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Special thank you to ChameleonJohn

IYNC would like to send a special thank you to a unique online coupon business: www.ChameleonJohn.com. ChameleonJohn approached us last month offering a generous donation, because they believe in the founding principals of the International Youth Nuclear Congress and would like to see us succeed. We would like to thank them for their support of […]

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IYNC Bulletin – December 2015


The activities of the IYNC in the past 6 months revolved around maintaining the global young generation network and promoting the nuclear industry at the COP21 climate change conference. IYNC formed partnerships with the ENYGF, IAEA, WANO and OECD/NEA throughout this period. We also published a position paper on climate change and our expectations from […]

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WANO YG – future leaders for safe and reliable operations of nuclear power plants

IYNC is happy to announce the WANO YGN has been established. The WANO YG mission is to create future leaders for safe and reliable operations of nuclear power plants, through networking, professional development, and knowledge transfer within the WANO membership. The goals of WANO YG are as follows: To familiarise young professionals with WANO and […]

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IYNC Bulletin – May 2015


As time goes by, we realize that almost a year has passed since IYNC2014 in Burgos, Spain. For everyone, including the IYNC Officers, the nostalgia of having to leave so many friends and colleagues behind had only just started to subside when we had to begin planning for the next great adventure – IYNC2016 in […]

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