Other Applications Of Nuclear Technology

Other Applications Of Nuclear Technology

As result of the meeting we realized that the main problems that affect the Nuclear Applications are the following:

  • lack of interest and support in the same Nuclear Field which cause economic problems and diminish the number and quality of research.
  • lack of communication about the benefits produced by the Nuclear Applications in Human Mankind
  • lack of interest in the same Nuclear Applications, such as in Nuclear Medicine where physicians either by disregard or not enough knowledge do not profit from it. On the other hand Nuclear Space Applications suffer from the lack of government support caused by public rejection and the fear of having more “Challengers” accidents using nuclear reactors.


The NUCLEAR FIELD should take more care about NUCLEAR APPLICATIONS because it is ITS more POSITIVE side because its benefits, like cancer struggle, food conservation, plug control, … , are out of debate and are well accepted by the general public.

If we want to improve the public opinion about Nuclear Field, we should start to communicate the benefits we achieved in a better way.