Re-Activation of Italian Nuclear Young Generation

During a webinar last month, the Italian Nuclear Association (AIN), ENS-YGN, IYNC and University of Pisa, discussed the re-activation of the Italian Nuclear Young Generation.

Almost 40 students and young professionals participated in this event and showed their willingness to support the re-activation of the Italian YG after some years.
The YG will be the ideal platform where Italians under 40 in the nuclear sector can feel involved in the main issues regarding national and international nuclear scenarios.

After the opening remarks by Walter Ambrosini from the University of Pisa, the webinar included three speakers: Eileen Langegger (Chair ENS-YGN), Antonio Soriero (Head of Communications of the AIN) and Luca Capriotti (Vice President of the IYNC).

Langegger described what YGs do in Europe, Soriero spoke about AIN’s commitment to lead the re-activation of the YG and Capriotti explained the IYNC activities and suggested some organizational proposals for the Italian YG. Finally, students and professionals participated in the Q&A section and provided many points to develop the debate.

This webinar represented a first promising step to create the Italian NYG and all the participants will be involved in a preliminary network to address and define next initiatives. Next steps include the organization of a workshop at the ENYGF in Manchester, 11-16 June.

A particular acknowledgement goes to Eileen Langegger (Chair ENS-YGN) and Fidelma Di Lemma (Research Chair IYNC) for their first drive in coordinating the effort in the re-activitation of the network.