Step 1:
Figure out which type of YGN will you have:

Two categories most YGNs fall under:
Independent Entity – A standalone legal entity that is registered as an independent Not-for-Profit organization. i.e. NAYGN (North American Young Generation in Nuclear)
Sub-set of a Professional Society – A separate division or group within an existing professional society, i.e. European Nuclear Society Young Generation Network

Step 2:
Develop your YGN’s Organizational Structure and By-Laws:

What will be the organization’s mission statement?
What goals will the organization have for its activities?
Will there be any objectives tied to your organization?
What are the rules of being an officer or in an elected position?
How long is the elected term?

Step 3:
Come up with a business model plan:

Where will your funding come from?
It is recommended to identify potential organizations from industry, academia and government that can help.
Also look under the IYNC link “Grants” and read the “National Network Start-up Grant” for details on how IYNC can help.
Identify an existing YGN to serve as a mentor and exchange lessons learned and best practices during the first year of YGN activities.

*The IYNC Research Project Chair can assist you with this.