Vacancies on board the IYNC2014 organization team

IYNC2014, Burgos

If you would like to get involved in the organization of IYNC 2014, the steering committee is currently looking for active and dedicated volunteers and ideas to help with the organization of the conference in the following areas:

  • Call for ideas for interactive workshop ideas. If you want to propose a certain theme for debate, please send an email to Denis Janin, IYNC2014 Technical Program Chair at, and mention the concept of the workshop, the speakers, the participation target and the output. The deadline for submitting ideas is May 10th. More information can be found in our Workshop Topic call PDF document: [wpdm_file id=7]
  • Call for technical tracks manager. If you can provide support in supervising the organization of one of the eleven above mentioned technical tracks, please send in your message to More information can be found in our Call For Managers Information Package (PDF ): [wpdm_file id=8]
  • Call for second webmaster. If you have skills in IT and website maintenance and would like to help the current IYNC webmaster, Juan Gonzalez, please send in your message to

  • Call for video specialist. IYNC2014 would like to develop a promotional video for the 2014 Edition. If you have knowledge in the area of movie making and editing, please send in your message to Rahul Srinivasan, IYNC2014Publications Chair, at

IYNC Network and IYNC2014 will greatly value all the help it can receive.